Centralized Mobile Recording Application

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San Mobile Recording is a useful application develop by our expertise SAN team to record every voice from incoming to outgoing and vice versa on centralized platform we call it San Mobile Recording.

If you are a call center business owner, then it is essential for you to have a San Mobile recording software. It is the best recording software developed by SAN Softwares. We are the leading providers of Centerlised Mobile Recording Solution in India. We’ve created the most easy to use software call San Mobile recording, so that businesses can keep the records of the conversations between agents and the customers. Buy this software and make your call center management operations  easier.

Choose the best Mobile Call Recording Software Company and get the best product for your business. We’ll provide you the most genuine product at the most affordable cost.


  • Centralized Recording With Report
  • Recording App For Mobile User
  • Recording Capture Condition
  • Truck Master: Truck No, Type, Types of Documents and Expiry Date (Like Insurance, Fitness etc.)
  • Data Filtering For Recording

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SanMRec: Centralized Mobile Recording Application
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