SanCBS: Call Billing Software

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CBS The Call Billing Software with AMS(Optional. For IRIS) and Voice Logger(Optional. For IRIS)


  • Fully Networking Support & User Rights
  • Capturing of Calls through RS 232/IP Port from Exchange (EPBX)
  • Call Reports and Graph: Extn. No. Wise, Called No. Wise, Department Wise, A/C Code Wise, Trunk No. Wise Duration Wise, Call Type Wise (Local, STD, ISD), Date Wise Summary, Transferred Calls.
  • Trunk No. Wise Congestion Report
  • Export Call Data to Excel for Generation of MIS Reports.
  • Extn. No./Name Wise Telephone Directory
  • AMS Software(Optional for IRIS/Panasonic) = Agent Management, ACD Management, ACD Que, Trunk Management, Call Type Wise (Like IDLE, HOLD, BUSY, MISSED, RING, OUTGOING, INCOMING)
  • AMS Reports(Optional for IRIS/Panasonic) : Date Wise, Extn. Wise, Agent Wise, ACD Wise, Agent /Status Wise.
  • Agent Summary (Optional for IRIS/Panasonic): Total Call Offered, Call Received, Call Missed, Hold Count, Busy Count, Avg. Talk Time, Avg. Hold Count.
  • Voice Logger (Optional for IRIS/Panasonic).
  • Complaint Register
  • Compatible With Coral IRIS, DX2000, DX120, Panasonic, Siemens, C-DOT, Samsung, LG, Avaya, etc.
SanCBS: Call Billing Software
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