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Why record the calls?

The success or failure of the activities of many organizations depends on the integrity of the spoken word. A voice recording of the complete conversation can avoid the “I-said/you-said” disputes in which either party can corroborate their account of what happened. Voice logging is an indispensable tool for transaction verification and dispute solution. Voice recording can help you in tapping the unscrupulous dealings

Dispute Resolution & Transaction Verification

Whether it is an order or a message, Voice logging is extensively used for confirmation of improper phone behavior, sales verification, order authentication, etc. Especially in voice recording of the telephone environment, where critical information is a conversation, it becomes essential to monitor the shared and communicated medium. In the majority of cases, once the conversation recorded is played back to the customers, the agreement to order or charges resolved quickly.

Choose us to buy Voice Logger

We are a leading Voice Logger Provider in India, which will provide you the right product at affordable prices. We sell call recorder, voice recorder and voice logger for your purchase requirements. We are also a leading Headphone Provider in Delhi, which is an Advanced tool for easy and seamless telephony conversation.


  • Take low disk space.
  • Records Files in MP3 Format.
  • Support Win98, Win XP, Win 2000, Win 2003, Win Vista.
  • Available in PCI 2, 4, 8, 16 and 24 Port Analog Line.
  • Available in USB 2, 4 and 8 Port Analog Line.
  • Available in PCI ISDN PRI 1 and 2 digital ports.
  • Record every line in a real time without any disturbance.
  • Special Call Option and can give remarks also.
  • Records file in Date Wise folder so that it will be easy to search any calls.
  • Understandable file naming convention like 20080521-11-28-08-120-2144.MP3.
  • Each channel can be labeled with a name and number for ease of record search and retrieve.
  • Integrated Play Option
  • Can detect Called ID & Caller ID.
  • Call Data exported to Excel also for further your MIS reporting.
  • Support FSK/DTMF mode.
  • Record unlimited duration call.
  • Real Time monitoring activities of channels.
  • Call Filter by Date, Phone No, Duration, Called ID, Caller ID, Incoming Call, Outgoing Call.
  • The completely integrated GUI provides a true Windows look-and-feel. All user needs to do is ””””point and click”””” to access all the functions of the Logger, allowing easy administration.
  • Access your recordings in a matter of seconds using multiple search criteria, unlike other solutions where records are obtained only in a serial fashion.

SanLogger: Voice Recording
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